5 out of the 8 accused involved in the murder of Mohan Jheer arrested: Anil Singh alias ‘Billa’ is the new kingpin of erstwhile ‘Bakra Gang’

With the arrest of the five out of the eight accused involved in the Rajesh Dogra alias Mohan Jheer gang, the Mohali police has solved this murder case. Briefing the news reporters yesterday the police officer of Mohali Punjab stated that five out of 8 accused involved in this murder case has been arrested and with this arrests, this murder case has been solved. Mohali police stated that on the airport road these accused murdered the chief kingpin of Mohan Jheer gang Rajesh Dogra alias Mohan Jheer, who was coming out of the shopping mall with his friends. Police stated that Mohan Jheer was on his tour enroute Ayodhya Dham and he briefly stayed at Mohali where his other associates are also living. Police stated that he was waiting for one of his associate in Mohali who has to go with him to Ayodhya. According to police, that person has come in contact with the associates of erstwhile Bakra gang and took the victim Mohan Jheer at the particular spot where all the criminals murdered him in broad daylight. He got at least 16 bullet wounds. Police stated that all the weapons used in this murder case has been recovered and these weapons licence are mostly are on tempered address and the weapons also tempered so that they did not be recognised in case has been used. The vehicle used in this murder case has also been recovered and one of the car is from the accused family and others are bought using fake address from Mohali. Mohali police stated that accused who are mostly from Jammu and had old rivalry with the Mohan Jheer gang. Some accused from Ranchi Punjab and other states are also involved in this murder. In 2005, the chief kingpin of bakra gang Sanjay Gupta alias Bakra was murdered by the Mohan Jheer & his associates at Dr Kudyar’s clinic & in that case Mohan Jheer was in jail for 13 years and when he came on parole in 2015, then the associates of Bakra gang try to kill him but he went into the jail and this could not happened. Now with the murder of his old rival Mohan Jheer, Anil Singh alias Billa has taken the command in his hand & is the new kingpin of the earthwhile Bakra gang. He was also arrested in this murder case along with other associates & police is trying to arrest other absconding accused stated Mohali police.