All Rohingyas facilitators will have to face consequences: Action initiated

An action initiated against all those who have been facilitators in providing shelter and availing govt benefits to the non citizens of the country Rohingyas. FIR’s are lodged in the following Police Stations vide FIR numbers P/S satwari FIRno.270 , P/S Trikuta Nagar FIR no. 352, P/S Bagh-e-Bahu FIR no.107, P/S Channi Himmat FiR no.184, P/S Nowabad FIR no.191, P/S Domana FIR no.370, P/S Nagrota FIR no.527 respectively. In these FIR’s people who have been found to be be accused for providing shelter to the people of outside nation foreigners(Rohingyas).

Searches as per procedure in the presence of magistrates were conducted at different locations of Jammu district where the non citizens are accommodated and also at the residential places of the facilitators. During searches illegally acquired Indian documents like PAN cards, Adhaar cards, bank documents among other incriminating material were seized. Investigation into the matter has started and other details will be shared subsequently. Stringent action in the future shall be taken against all such defaulters.