Anji river is people’s favourite for getting rid off Scorching heat in Reasi

As temperatures soared to 42 degrees Celsius in Reasi, Jammu and Kashmir, locals sought relief by taking dips in the Anji River.

This popular activity helps people cool down and escape the intense heat. The region has been experiencing unusually high temperatures, prompting various measures to stay cool. Besides swimming in the Anji River, residents are also using traditional methods like staying hydrated, wearing light clothing, and avoiding outdoor activities during peak sun hours to protect themselves from the scorching heat.

The Anji River area is also notable for the nearly completed Anji Bridge, India’s first cable-stayed railway bridge. This bridge, part of the Udhampur-Srinagar-Baramulla Rail Link project, is expected to enhance connectivity and is a significant engineering feat due to its construction challenges in the seismic and geologically complex region