Border Welfare Organisation Chairman Avinash Choudhary’s Advocacy Spurs Infrastructure Development in Ward No. 2, Chak Salaria

RAMGARH: – Chairman of Border Welfare Organisation, Avinash Choudhary laid the foundation stone of a lane to be built at a cost of about Rs 48 lacs in the ward number 2 of Chak Salarian Panchayat under Ramgarh Assembly. Noteably from the past 15 years, residents of Ward No. 2 in Chak Salaria have grappled with numerous challenges, including inadequate road infrastructure and recurring waterlogging issues. Frustrated by the lack of action, the community turned to social activist and Chairman of the Border Welfare Organisation, Avinash Choudhary, for assistance.

In response to the people’s pleas, Avinash Choudhary took a bold stand, personally engaging with district-level and higher authorities to address the pressing issues plaguing the community. Despite facing numerous hurdles and bureaucratic red tape, his unwavering determination and advocacy efforts never wavered.

The challenges faced by the residents, including the threat of diseases like dengue due to waterlogging and the absence of proper roads, were immense. However, Avinash Choudhary remained resolute in his commitment to serve the community.

After persistent efforts, Avinash Choudhary succeeded in securing inclusion of the community’s concerns in the Capex Budget Action Plan and obtaining approval for funds totaling approximately 48 lakh rupees for infrastructure development. This significant achievement marks a turning point for Ward No. 2, promising improved living conditions and enhanced quality of life for its residents.

Local residents, including Sukhbir Singh, Surinder Kour, and Harjeet Singh, expressed their heartfelt gratitude to Avinash Choudhary for his tireless dedication and relentless pursuit of their cause. They lauded his leadership and perseverance, acknowledging that despite previous appeals to authorities falling on deaf ears, Avinash Choudhary’s intervention brought tangible results.

In response to the outpouring of appreciation, Avinash Choudhary reaffirmed his commitment to serving the people and vowed to continue advocating for their needs. He emphasized that his sole objective is to serve the community and humanity, pledging to work tirelessly to address and resolve all issues faced by the people.He also extended his gratitude to all the administrative officers for their assistance along with Special recognition to the efforts of LG administration including district administration for their approval and hoped for their continued support in his future endeavors of serving the community. Retired Captain Sukhbir Singh, Swaran Sharma, Ram kumar sharma, Das ram, Ravinder Kour, Raghubir Chand, Surinder Kour, Suman Sharma, Renu Kumari and other locals were also present and applauded his efforts.