Bridge on Nud Jattah Road has been completed: Big relief to the locals, no need to cross river Basanter in Rainy Season

The bridge on Nud Jattah Road has been completed, marking a significant improvement in the local infrastructure. This new development aims to enhance connectivity and facilitate smoother transportation in the area. The project completion was recently confirmed in May 2024, highlighting the efforts to boost regional accessibility and safety for commuters and residents alike.

The completion of the bridge on Nud Jattah Road brings significant benefits to the local community:

1. **All-Weather Connectivity**:

The new bridge ensures reliable all-weather connectivity, eliminating the need to cross the River Basanter & it’s tributaries during the rainy season.

2. **Enhanced Road Connectivity**

The bridge connects more than five villages, improving access and reducing travel times.

3. **Safer and Risk-Free Journey**

The bridge provides a safer and risk-free route for travelers, particularly during adverse weather conditions when people have to put their life in danger to cross mighty Basanter for their daily chores.

4. **Improved Accessibility**

The area, previously isolated during the rainy season, is now accessible year-round, providing relief to residents.

5. **Benefit to Students and General Public**

Students and the general public who previously had to cross the River Basanter from Cholle da Chak in Tailor to Jattah now have a reliable route.

6. **Reduced Travel Distance**

Earlier, people had to walk up to 5 km to reach their destinations, a challenging task especially in the summer. The bridge significantly reduces this distance, making travel more convenient and less strenuous.This infrastructure project significantly improves the quality of life for the local residents, ensuring safe and easy access to essential services and neighboring areas.

Kudos to DC Samba for this historic feat. One more feather in his cap.


Rahul Sambyal