Dismissal of M Form for Kashmiri Migrant Voters Welcomed by Vivek Bali

Srinagar , 12 April:- JD(U) State General Secretary Vivek Bali applauds the Election Commission’s decision to dismiss the M Form for Kashmiri migrant voters in the upcoming Lok Sabha election. The M Form, previously used by Kashmiri migrants to vote, has been a topic of contention in past elections.

Expressing his support for the Election Commission’s move, Vivek Bali stated, “This decision is a significant step towards ensuring that displaced Kashmiri Hindus can exercise their voting rights with ease. It not only simplifies the voting process but also promotes inclusivity within our democratic system.”

Vivek Bali emphasized that this achievement is the result of collective efforts, acknowledging the contributions of displaced Kashmiri Hindus, all political parties, and various stakeholders. “This is a proud moment for the Kashmiri fraternity, and it brings a big relief to migrant voters,” he added.

Vivek Bali, along with his supporters, extends gratitude to the Election Commission of India and the CEO of Jammu and Kashmir for their proactive stance in this matter. This decision is expected to increase voter turnout and enhance the efficiency of the electoral process.

“This decision has brought immense joy to displaced Kashmiri Hindus, who can now participate in the electoral process without any hurdles,” added Vivek Bali. The community is celebrating this decision, which marks a positive development towards their representation in the democratic process.