Firing Incident Outside Salman Khan’s House; Audio Evidence matches with Anmol Bishnoi: Mumbai Police

Mumbai, June 22, 2024 — In a significant breakthrough, the Mumbai Police have confirmed that an audio recording recovered from the phone of an arrested suspect matches the voice of Anmol Bishnoi, brother of gangster Lawrence Bishnoi. The recording is linked to the firing incident outside actor Salman Khan’s residence on April 14.

The forensic analysis revealed that the audio sample recovered from the accused’s phone corresponds with existing samples of Anmol Bishnoi’s voice held by the agency. The verification process, conducted at a forensic laboratory, substantiates the involvement of Anmol Bishnoi in the incident, according to Mumbai Police.

This development comes amid heightened concerns over security and organized crime in the city. The confirmation of Anmol Bishnoi’s voice in the recording adds a critical piece of evidence to the ongoing investigation, which has been closely followed due to the high-profile nature of the case. Further investigations are expected to uncover more details regarding the motives and the extent of involvement of the Bishnoi gang.