Fugitive preacher Zakir Naik again spits venom: It’s better to work for a company making weapons for terrorists than to work for a company building Hindu temple

Zakir Naik, a controversial Islamic preacher, has made several incendiary statements that have sparked significant backlash. He has been known for his aggressive style, often attacking other religions and promoting divisive views. Some of his most controversial remarks include justifying wife-beating under certain conditions, opposing the construction of non-Islamic places of worship in Muslim-majority countries, and making inflammatory statements about homosexuals and non-Muslim practices. In one of his videos he was seen inciting his followers to kill Hindus whenever they saw them. Now in his another video which is of 17 May, 2024

His followers (Muslims) asks Zakir Naik if it is ok to work for a construction company that is building a (hindu) temple in UAE. Zakir Naik says its better to work for a company making weapons for terrorists.

These statements have contributed to a polarized reception of Naik in various countries. While he maintains a substantial following among some Muslim communities, he has also faced criticism and legal challenges. The Indian government, for instance, has accused him of inciting intercommunal tensions and has sought his extradition from Malaysia, where he currently resides.

Naik’s presence in Malaysia has also stirred controversy, reflecting broader racial and political dynamics in the country. His supporters view him as a defender of Islam, while his detractors criticize his extreme views and the potential for his rhetoric to incite division.