Heavy rush of people on the petrol pumps in the wake of strike by Transporters

Samba: Heavy rush of people were seen on the petrol pumps in the wake of strike call by Transporters. Car quees on the petrol pumps & somewhere haphazard vehicles were parked on there. Even in a petrol pump at Samba, early in the morning there was fight among the people on the issue of getting petrol. It is pertinent to mention that Under the new Bharatiya Nyaya (Second) Sanhita, 2023, hit-and-run cases can attract a 10-year jail term and a fine of Rs 7 lakh.

A wave of protests swept through various states as drivers and truckers express their dissatisfaction with stringent ‘hit-and-run’ provision in the new penal law.

The criminal code law, which repealed the British-era Indian Penal Code (IPC) provides up to 10 years of punishment for fleeing an accident spot and not reporting the incident.