Joint Action against Properties of Drug Dealers : Notorious Drug Dealers’ Property in Vijaypur Seized

Samba, March 4: In a first ever crackdown on properties of drug dealers in District Samba, Deputy Commissioner Samba Abhishek Sharma IAS and SSP Samba Vinay Sharma JKPS, orchestrated a meticulously planned operation resulting in the confiscation of a single-storey residential property valued at approximately Rs. 15 lakhs in Rakh Barotian area in Vijaypur. This property belonged to the notorious drug dealer Shamas Din, alias Bacchu, son of Maskeen Ali, hailing from Rakh Barotian tehsil Vijaypur in district Samba.

The administration, bolstered by the unwavering support of law enforcement agencies, executed this operation under sections 68-E read with 68-F of the NDPS Act of 1985, in connection with three FIRs:

  1. FIR No. 33/2019 U/S 8/21/22 NDPS Act of PS Vijaypur
  2. FIR No. 23/2023 U/S 8/21/22/29 NDPS Act of PS Vijaypur
  3. FIR No. 108/2023 U/S 8/21/22/29 NDPS Act of PS Vijaypur.

The residential property, identified as ill-gotten gains acquired through illicit drug trafficking, was uncovered during thorough investigation and inquiry conducted by the vigilant officers of Police Station Vijaypur and established Backward linkage of the properties of the accused with the Drug Peddling.

This operation serves as a stern reminder of the unwavering commitment of the District Samba to eradicate the drug menace from our communities.
The local populace also lauded this proactive initiative, recognizing it as a pivotal step towards ensuring a safer and drug-free environment for all.

As part of the campaign, a strong message has been sent to curb the activities of drug peddlers by attaching the property of a notorious drug peddler. This action underscores the administration’s firm resolve to tackle drug-related issues and ensure the safety and well-being of the community.
The property attachment operation was conducted by the team headed by Rohit Gupta SDPO Vijaypur, Sudesh Kumar Tehsildar Vijaypur and was executed by Zaheer Mushtaq SHO Vijaypur and his team.

The district administration urges the cooperation of all residents and stakeholders in making the Nasha-Mukt campaign a success, and invites them to join hands in building a brighter and drug-free future for Samba .