Kanooni Charcha: Bigamy by Muslim male not punishable U/S-81 of BNS 2023 – Hallow claims about Uniform Civil Code

Kanooni Charcha by Rtd Judge Subash Gupta / Former Member Public Service Commission J&k on topic -Enforcement of three new criminal laws -B NS-2023,B NSS-2023 & B S Act-2023 from the First day of July 2024 except section 104(2) of B NS 2023 in India -Comparative delving upon / Decoding of provisions of Section -125 of code of criminal procedure 1973 & Section 144 of B N SS 2023 containing entitlement of divorced wife to claim maintenance till she remarriage from her earlier husband-Definition of wife under both the sections include divorced wife -Further no change effective in section 81 of BNS 2023 which is replacing section -494 of IPC Under new provisions of law – Again Bigamy / Polygamy is not made punishable in case of Muslim male Had the same done it would have been a step towards achieving the goal of applicability of Uni form civil code in India like as made earlier by declaring the triple talak a punishable offence & introducing a chapter in Juvenile Justice (Care & Protection) Act-secular provisions relating to adoption of a child by Muslim parents also.