Kanooni Charcha: By Retd Judge, former JKPSC Member Subash Gupta on Section 138 of N I Act -Accused alleged forged signatures on cheque – plea for FSL not allowed

Kanooni Charcha by Rtd Judge Subash Gupta / Former Member Public Service Commission J& k-Topic -de codification of Judgement of Supreme Court Of India dated 29-1-2024 in case titled Ajit Sinh Chehu Ji V S State of Gujrat and another -COMPLAINT filed under section 138 of Negotiable Instrument Act -prayer made by accused for comparison of allegedly forged signature on the cheque from FSI Expert refused by trial court – Order not assailed -It attained finallity -Finally after trial accused convicted – Appeal filed -Simultaneously,also an Application was filed for leading of additional evidence by appellant /accused before Court of Id Principal Sessions Judge Gandhir Nagar Gujrat -appliction was rejected -Order of rejection was assailed before Hon’ble High court of Gujrat It remained intact -appellant accused approached supreme court of india by way of S LP-It was dismissed