Kanooni Charcha: Former JKPSC Member & Retd Judge Subash Gupta with Youth For Society Chairman Rahul Sambyal on NDPS Act etc

Kanooni Charcha – By Sh Rahul Sambyal Chairmain N GO-Youth for Society with Rtd Judge Subash Gupta /Former Member Public Service J&k -Topic -Provisions relating to Control & regulation of operation of Narcotic Drugs & Psychotropic Substances, rehabilitation of drug addicts,stringent provisions of punishment,& Bail – Narco financing & use of money minted out of drug trafficking for terror funding, forfeiture of ill begotten money / property under ND P S Act -Simultaneously procedural safe guards as to search seizure & arrest provided under the provisions of Section 42,50& 55 of the Act Smuggling of ND PS contrabands from the countries namely Pakistan,Iran Afghanistan -Loas, Mynmar, Nepal & Thai land notoriously forming Golden crescent & Golden triangle respectively touching border of India