Kanooni Charcha: Parliament Election & Supreme Court of India as to Art- 370 of Constitution

Charcha Aam wa khas by

Rtd Judge Subash Gupta/Former Member Public Service Commission J&k with Advocate Mohd Aslam -Senior Youth leader of Republican Party of India & a renowned youth leader from Gujjar Community of Kashmir, Sh. Rahul Sambyal President NGO -Youth for Societie & Exe. Editor Samba Times & Sh Shubam Kotwal -Renowned Young Journalist on topic –Socio – economics & political issues of Badalata Kashmir -post constitutional changes as to Article 370 & 35-A of constitution of India Journalism & ethics to be followed by all the Journalists particularly all those who belong to social media / Manifestoes of political parties shall be looked into deeply by the aware & enlighten voters while exercising their valuable right to vote. Judgements of Supreme Court of India relating to Article 370 & 35-A of Constitution of India Conferring of political reservation to ST communities & women were deliberated upon in J& k It was further observed that Candidates particularly contesting in U Ts of J& K and Ladakh are duty bound to work tirelessly for empowerment of women, children, tribal & down trodden people living in far flung area located near LOC of J& K & for raising their social, economic & political conditions after their success in election Also discussed about real political power vested with the voters to strengthen the democratic political system in india by electing their representatives both for Parliament of India & legislative assemblies who are honest & dedicated to the cause of common people of India & fight for justice & keeping the mandate of constitution of India at highest pedestal It is expected from the aware & enlighten voter to ensure support for all those candidates for their victory for reaching the seat inside the Temple of democracy who are honest & dedicated to the cause of justice for women & children empowerment in the coming parliamentary Election It is further appealed to all the voters to cast vote for young & women candidates who belong to down trodden strata of society & working for women & children empowerment specially belonging to tribal Communities -Also discussed the provisions of Article-324 of Constitution of India whereby appointment of Election Commission of India are made -Fair & free election is the mandate of Indian democracy & Basic feature of Indian Constitution as per Judgement of Supreme Court of India in -Kesav Bharti Request is made for full participation in coming parliamentary to all specially to youth & women voters of J&k Right to vote to be exercised with great enthusiasm & day / occasion be celebrated as a festival like Holy, Diwali /Ied festivals.