Kanooni Charcha: Part -3 -Mob Lynching -Section 101(2) Of Bhartiya Nayaya Sanhita (Second) 2023

Kanooni Charcha by Advocate Alihisa Kohli with Rtd Judge Subash Gupta /Former Member Public Service Commission J& K-Topic -Part -3 -Mob Lynching -Section 101(2) Of Bhartiya Nayaya Sanhita (Second) 2023-Definition & Punishment -Maximum Punishment for Mob lynching – Death penalty -Necessity arisen for inclusion of specific Section regarding offence of mob lynching in B N S (Second) 2023 – India is a diverse nation with people from different religious faiths, ethnicities, culture, races, creeds, colours & Communities with different beliefs,practices customs,usages etc -Incidents of killing of innocents by unruly mob in recent past under certain propaganda narratives,conspiracies, investigations etc -To create hatred, lawlessness, unrest, disturb public peace & order & tranquility of lawful Indian Society -To be continued part-4