Kanooni Charcha: Section 138 of BNS 2023 -Kidnapping or Abduction for murder or Ransom If fromgovt Death penalty

Kanooni charcha by Judge Subash Gupta /Former Member Public Service Commission J&k -on topic -#Chapter -6 #Sections -136 to144 of B NS 2023 #Section 136 -Definition of Abduction # Difference between Abduction & Kidnapping -Changes effected in #Section -138 BNS 2023 vis a vis earlier #Sections -364 & 364-A of IP C # -Kidnapping / Abduction for murder or Ransom Delved upon factual & legal aspects of the Supreme Court Judgement -#Ravi Dhingra Vs state of Haryana (dated 1-03-2023) # Supreme Court of India modified the conviction & sentence of the Accused -He was sentenced for #section 363 I P C instead of #Section 364-A of I PC