Kanooni Charcha: Section 494 IPC No change in Section 81 of BN S 2023 Bigamy Art 44 constitution U C Code

Kanooni charcha by Rtd Judge Subash Gupta /Former Member Public Service Commission J& k -with Ms Preeti Sharma Director -The Officers I AS Institute G N Jammu -topic -#Uniform Civil Code #Article 44 of Constitution of India#Section 494 of IP C-Replaced by #Section 81 of B NS 2023 -# Second marriage punishable if same is nullity in law as applicable to him#Judgement of Supreme Court of India in #Sarla Mudgal Vs Union of India (1995) -#Second marriage punishable if first not dissolved under law -Conversion to Islamic faith by Hindu cannot absolve him from criminality #Section 125 of code of criminal Procedure. Right of divorced wife to claim maintenance till her remarriage #Criminalisation of triple talak & introduction of provisions for adoption in#The Juvenile Justice (Care& Protection) Act 2015 are the steps towards adoption of Uniform Civil Code #Twenty Second Law Commission on #Uniform Civil Code still awaited & has to be made enforceable by the Govt -Till then Has to wait –