Kanooni Charcha: Section 498-A of IPC -Section -84 OF B N S 2023 -Direction by Supreme Court in Achin Gupta case

Kanooni Charcha by Rtd Judge Subash Gupta / Former Member of Public Service Commission J&K with Ms Preeti Sharma Director-The Officers IAS Institute Green Belt G N Jammu topic -Institution of Marriage & Marital disputes in India -Misuse & frivolous invoking of Section -498-A of IPC by a married woman (wife) against her husband, his parents & distant relatives -Their unwarranted arrests -leading to formulating of guidelines in matters of arrests by Supreme Court in case of Arnesh kumar v s State of Bihar in its Judgement dated (02-7-2014) Despite Direction to Govt of India by Supreme Court of India -In case Preeti Gupta vs State of Jharkhand (2010). for making suitable amendment in provisions of Section 498-A IPC, nothing has been done as a compliance rather verbatim provisions were repeated in Section 84 of newly enacted B NS 2023 -Supreme Court of India repeated the directions in its Judgement dated 03-5-2024 in case Achin Gupta v s State of Haryana to make necessary amendments in the relevant provisions of BNS 2023 -corresponding to section to 498-A of I PC