Ministry of Culture  completes Special Campaign 3.0  focusing  on institutionalization of Swachhata and minimizing pendency in the Offices

Ministry of Culture (MoC), along with its organizations, participated in the Special Campaign 3.0 while focusing mainly on institutionalization of Swachhata and minimizing pendency in Government Offices. 

During implementation phase from 2nd to 31st October,2023, the Ministry achieved 100% targets in carrying out cleanliness drives in all designated 449 sites and   in Record Management: all 15,969 Physical files and 2133 E-files have been reviewed, out of which 4975 Physical Files & 1620 E-Files have been weeded out and closed, respectively. In addition, 138 physical files have also been identified for transfer to National Archives of India (NAI). Revenue to the tune of Rs.42,15,715/- has been generated by disposing of scarps.  A total of 22272 Sq.ft. area has been freed. Besides, other achievements include disposing off 83% Public Grievances; 81.8% PMO References; 67.8% State Govt. References; 64.2% MP References and 51% Parliament Assurances. Ministry has released 8 Press Statements. Further, 173 Tweets have also been made by the Ministry and its various organizations.


(Cleanliness drive conducted at sites of Chittorgarh Fort, a UNESCO, World Heritage Site)

 As a part of restorative conservation of records, NAI repaired 21,425 number of sheets, 140 files and binding of 45 volumes of records in its collection. Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Coal and Directorate General CRPF, New Delhi have intimated NAI for appraisal of 452, 572 and 22 files, respectively. NAI has initiated action for joint appraisal of the above files as per provisions of Public Record Act & Rules.