NDA Projected to Win Big: Exit Polls Indicate 342 to 401 Seats

In a decisive show of support, exit polls across the board suggest a landslide victory for the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) in the ongoing elections. Projections indicate the NDA is set to secure between 342 and 401 seats, signaling a robust endorsement of their policies and leadership.

This substantial margin not only ensures a comfortable majority in the parliament but also reflects widespread public confidence in the NDA’s governance. The exit polls, conducted by multiple agencies, have consistently shown a strong preference for the alliance, suggesting a clear mandate from the electorate. Exit Polls of Various Channels-

Exit poll of various channels

AajTak Axis My India
BJP+ : 361-401, ‘INDIA’ : 131-166

News24 Today’s Chanakya
BJP+ : 400, ‘INDIA’ : 107

NDTV Jan Ki Baat
BJP+ : 377 +-15, ‘INDIA’ : 151 +-10

India TV CNX
BJP+ : 371-401, ‘INDIA’ : 109-139

ABP CVoter
BJP+ : 353-383, ‘INDIA’ : 152-182

Republic MATRIZE
BJP+ : 353-368, ‘INDIA’ : 118-133

Republic PMARQ
BJP+ : 359, ‘INDIA’ : 154

TimesNow ETG
BJP+ : 358, ‘INDIA’ : 152

TV9 Polstrat Peoples Insight.
BJP+ : 346, ‘INDIA’ : 162

BJP+ : 355-370, ‘INDIA’ : 125-140

As the final votes are counted, all eyes are on the official results. Although the exit polls have already set a triumphant tone for the NDA’s prospects in this election but there are too many slips between cup & lips.