“Netanyahu has reached a level that would make Hitler jealous”: Turkish President Erdogan

Turkish president Erdogan has given the statement that Netanyahu has reached the level that would make Hitler jealous. Comparing Gaza to a concentration camp, Turkey’s president slammed Netanyahu and called for the international community to take further steps to stop the war.”Is it possible to look at what Israel has inflicted on the people of Gaza for months and see it as legitimate for Israel to bomb hospitals, kill children, oppress civilians, and condemn innocent people to hunger, thirst, and lack of medicine under various excuses?What did Hitler do in the past? He oppressed and killed people in concentration camps. Wasn’t Gaza turned into an open-air prison not only after Oct. 7, but also for years beforehand? Weren’t the people there condemned to limited resources for years, almost like a concentration camp?

Netanyahu has reached a level that would make Hitler jealous with his genocidal methods. We are talking about Israel, which targets ambulances, hits food distribution points, and opens fire on aid convoys. Hamas agreed to a ceasefire, but Israel does not want this and is making up excuses because of its desire to occupy the entire Gaza Strip.” (Taking inputs from Anadolu Agency)