NIA made a significant arrest in the Praveen Nettaru murder case: Apprehended Riyaz Yousaf while he was trying to flee from India


The National Investigation Agency (NIA) recently made a significant arrest in connection with the Praveen Nettaru murder case. On Tuesday, the NIA apprehended Riyaz Yousaf Haaralli, also known as Riyaz, who had been evading law enforcement. Riyaz was attempting to escape the country when he was caught.

This arrest marks a pivotal development in the case, which has seen a total of 19 individuals taken into custody so far. The NIA has been rigorously investigating the murder of Praveen Nettaru, and the detention of Riyaz is a crucial step towards unraveling the conspiracy and bringing all involved parties to justice.

The NIA’s efforts are part of a broader crackdown on those responsible for the murder, aiming to ensure that all suspects are held accountable for their actions. The apprehension of Riyaz, in particular, is expected to provide valuable insights and potentially lead to further arrests as the investigation progresses.

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