People getting benefit under Naya swera Scheme

Union Minister for Minority Affairs Ms. Smriti Zobin Irani in a written reply in Lok Sabha today said that the Ministry has launched the Naya Sawara Scheme ( Free Coaching and Linkage Scheme ) across the country through Project Implementing Agencies (PIAs) included in the panel . has been implemented. This scheme was discontinued in the year 2022-23 , as coaching programs are not supported in the new National Education Policy 2020 . And the aim of this scheme is to reform the existing system of board and entrance examinations to eliminate the need for coaching classes. Details of funds allocated, funds utilized and number of students allocated under this scheme during 2020-21 and 2022-23 are as follows.:

The yearFunds allocated ( in crores of rupees )Funds utilized ( in crores of rupees )Number of students allotted

No funds have been allocated for the year 2022-23 due to discontinuance of the scheme. State wise details of minority students benefited under the scheme and funds released to the project implementing agencies included in the panel . Details are also available on the Ministry’s website . Funds have not been allocated state wise under this scheme.

Under this scheme, certification of coaching programs as well as infrastructure facilities of coaching centers is monitored by the state / central governments. Additionally, the scheme was simultaneously monitored at the field level by an independent agency. A third-party evaluation study of the scheme was also conducted in 2020 by the Indian Institute of Public Administration ( IIPA ) , New Delhi. Further, PIAs are required to achieve a specified success rate, failing which their grant is reduced proportionately.

As per the guidelines and extant rules, when any complaint is received in the Ministry regarding implementation of the scheme, necessary action is taken.