‘Rajdroh’, to ‘Deshdroh’, hanging for rape of a minor and mob lynching: Criminal Law Bill bring these changes if becomes law

  1. Home Minister Amit Shah introduced the Indian Judicial Code (Second) Bill 2023, the Indian Civil Defense Code (Second) Bill 2023 and the Indian Evidence (Second) Bill 2023 in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday. After these bills become law, they will replace the Indian Penal Code 1860 (IPC), Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC) 1973 and Indian Evidence Act 1872 (IEA).
  2. Responding to the 3 new criminal bills in the Lok Sabha, Home Minister Amit Shah said – “The treason law of the British era has been abolished. In the new bill, the word ‘treason/ Deshdroh’ has been used instead of ‘Rajdroh’. Because now the country has become independent, in a democratic country anyone can criticize the government. It is their right. If anyone does anything to harm the country’s security or property, then action will be taken against him. He will have to go to jail.
  1. Sections on rape and crimes against children have been changed in the Indian Civil Code 2023 Bill. Earlier there were sections 375, 376 for rape, now rape has been included in sections 63, 69 from where the discussion of crimes begins. The ambit of Gang rape has also been incresed. Crimes against children have also been brought under the ambit of the law. Murder was 302, now it has become 101. There is a provision of imprisonment of up to 20 years or imprisonment for as long as he lives for the accused of gang rape.
  2. The Indian Civil Code 2023 Bill has a provision for different punishment for rape of girls aged 18, 16 and 12 years. Rape of a girl under 18 years of age will be punishable with life imprisonment and death penalty. In case of gang rape, there is a provision of 20 years imprisonment or life imprisonment. The provision of death penalty has again been made for rape of a girl below 18 years of age.
  3. Along with this, legal action will also be taken against the minor involved in the rape of an 18 year old girl under the provisions of the Indian Civil Code 2023. Earlier the section of Kidnapping was 359, 369, now it is being changed to 137 and 140. human trafficking sections were 370 & 370A which are now changed to 143, 144.

6. Organized crime has also been explained for the first time. There is also mention of cyber crime, people trafficking and economic crimes. Culpable homicide was divided into two parts. If an accident occurs while driving, then if the accused takes the injured to the police station or hospital, he will be given less punishment. In hit and run case, there will be a punishment of 10 years. Killings due to negligence of doctors have been categorized as culpable homicide. The punishment for this has also increased. There will be death penalty for mob lynching. Earlier there was no law for snatching, now it has become a law. 7. Now the accountability of the police will also be fixed in the new law. Earlier, whenever someone was arrested, his family members did not even know about it. Now if someone is arrested, the police will inform his family. In any case, the police will inform the victim about what happened within 90 days. 8. The Indian Civil Defense Code also talks about ensuring justice for the poor. Now the police will have to file a report within three days. Now, without any delay, the report of the rape victim will also have to be sent to the police station and court within 7 days. Earlier there was a provision to file charge sheet in 7 to 90 days. There was no provision for keeping papers in the trial process, now it will have to be completed in 30 days.

  1. Many cases are pending in the country, the accused in cases like Bombay blast are hiding in countries like Pakistan. Now there is no need for them to come here. If the accused does not appear before the court within 90 days, then the trial will take place in his absence and even the hanging will take place, which will make the process of bringing the accused back from that country easier.
  2. Now no one can be kept in jail for a long time, if he has spent one-third of the sentence in jail, then he can be released. In serious cases, one can be released after serving half the sentence. Judgment cannot be delayed for years. After the case is over, the judge will have to give his verdict in 43 days.