Rajesh Padgotra Provincial Vice President AAP Jammu visited Khada Madana: Expressed sympathies with the victims of blast

Samba, 28.05.2024.The workers of Aam Aadmi Party including Rajesh Padgotra Provincial Vice President Jammu, Khajur Singh Ex-Sarpanch Bagla Rahya and Retd. Principal, Shamsher Thappa and Balbir Singh Charak visited Khada Madana of block Purmandal district Samba to express their sympathies for the victims of yesterday Blast. The locals of village Khada Madana reported that it was an old Shell lying at a place and it Blasted due to ignited fire thereby injuring 3 persons including 2 women. Rajesh Pargotra Provincial Vice President Jammu of AAP appealed the LG Sh.Manoj Sinha of J&K UT to provide the victims best medical treatment out of J&K UT on government expenditure and sanction rupees 5 lakh to each victim.