Remove fake content within 3 hours: Election Commission’s directive to political parties

New Delhi: The Election Commission on Monday directed political parties to remove fake content from their social media accounts within three hours of coming to their notice. This is part of the instructions issued by the Election Commission to political parties for responsible and ethical use of social media in election campaigns. Recently, some social media handles posted ‘deep fake’ videos of Union Home Minister Amit Shah, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and actors Aamir Khan and Ranveer Singh and criminal complaints were filed in this regard.The Election Commission warned political parties against misuse of artificial intelligence to create ‘deep fakes’ that distort information or propagate misinformation and stressed the need to maintain the sanctity of the electoral process.The Election Commission said in a statement that taking cognizance of some violations of the code of conduct and existing legal provisions by political parties and their representatives while using social media for election campaign, it has issued some instructions.

The Commission today issued a warning to political parties for responsible and ethical use of social media. It said, ‘Political parties have been instructed to immediately remove any such material within three hours of it being brought to their notice and alert the responsible person in their party in this regard.’