Samba Police and the SOG conducted a search operation in the Dhalot area of Samba district

A search operation was conducted by Samba Police and the Special Operations Group (SOG) in the Dhalot area of Samba district following reports from a local woman who claimed to have seen suspicious individuals in the vicinity. Despite the intensive search efforts, the police have not yet confirmed any findings related to the reported sighting. The operation was initiated as a precautionary measure in response to the woman’s alert, which highlighted potential security concerns as millitants spotted twice in the neighbouring Distt Hiranagar sector within a few days & have a contact with the security forces in which two millitants neutralized & one army jawan martyred. The police and SOG teams systematically combed through the Dhalot area, looking for any signs or evidence of suspicious activity. However, as of now, there have been no official statements or confirmations from the authorities regarding any apprehensions or discoveries related to the initial report.The absence of immediate confirmation suggests that the authorities are likely continuing their investigation to either verify the report or conclude that there is no imminent threat. The community remains vigilant, and the police are expected to provide updates as early as possible.