Samba-Sumb Road is about completion: How much role current DC played in this!!!

DC Samba Abhishek Sharma @abhi1sharma today reviewed the status of Samba-Sumb Road today alongwith the Superintending Engineer R&B and team. The macadamisation of 4km out of 10km has been completed and the remaining work is in progress. Out of the three bridges, one Bridge on the Dhalote Nallah has also been completed & has reduced the travel time and is also a respite in monsoons for residents of Sumb area.

It is particular to mention that DC Samba has keen interest in developing the district whether it is in the arena of sports, infrastructure including roads, health infrastructure,border tourism, Religious tourism of Utterbehni & Purmandal & the heart of the Samba people the ancient & historical fort of Samba. On his joining as DC Samba he told to Samba Times that Sumb Road is its top priority because Sumb Area holds the eight panchayats & famous dev sthan of Baba Shivo ji is also there, where thronged thousands of devotees everyday.

Recently Samba Times team visited Sumb area & found that Dhalote Bridge is complete & the road in its vicinity is also macdamized.

Dhalote Nullah is notorious for its flash floods & interrupted the traffic for hours together & completely cut-off Sumb area in rainy season.

Samba Times imes has posted so many times the videos and pictures of employees who were going to their destination but could not reach there due to this Nullah. The other main obstacle in the free flow of traffic on the Samba Sumb road was Plai Dhakki.

Plai Dhakki is infamous for its landsliding which mainly consists of mud & soil which cause slipping away of commuters that is buses, matadors, bikers & even pedestrians.

So many accidents have happened there but now it is macdamized & one can have sigh of relief on the sight of this. The other two bridges have one span completed & the work is in progress for the rest of the job.

For brushing aside the memory of our readers we will remember them that DC Samba has suspended civil engineer of this road for not completing the task in the given time frame that he has given to him. It is beyond doubt that within a short period this road is available to the people which was long cherished demand of the Samba people especially the people of Sumb area & end the sufferings and woes of the people of this area. So every one can say beyond doubt that it’s DC Samba keen interest in this project that this road is in completion within weeks/months. So kudos to DC Samba Abhishek Sharma (who he is known for his dedication for work and honesty) for this gift to the Samba people especially the people of Sumb area.