Thief caught red handed while stealing copper wire from a mobile tower in Kelhi Mandi Samba

A thief was caught by the people while stealing things from a mobile tower including copper wire from a home in Mandi Kelhi Samba. According to the sources the mobile tower is installed in the backyard of home in Kelhi Mandi Samba and a person of the company operates and deals with this. As it is out of the eyes of sight of the owners a thief intruded in that mobile tower and stole the copper wire which is used there. At that time, the person who deals with the tower came and catch the culprit on the spot. The copper wire which he stole from the mobile tower has been recovered from him besides other things. The name of the thief as per his driving licence and Aadhar card is Bilal Ahmed son of Ashfaq Mohammed. He is resident of Jammu and Kashmir. He is handed over to the police by the people.