Why District Samba employees are not getting remuneration for conducting exams of SSB and others???

As we know that different types of exams of SSB and others like Account Assistant Exams, Sub Inspector Exams, Assessment Test SEAS -2023 for students of 3rd, 6th & 9th and Panchayat Secretary Exams, these are the few exams which were conducted in the year 2023 in JKUT. As the traditional practice was, the employees, who were deputed for these duties, they were paid remuneration for their duties by the concerned authority. But from last one year, it is seen that the employees especially in District Samba is not getting remuneration for the same. They were not paid for their duties in the exams, while their counterparts in the district Jammu, they are getting remuneration for the same. It is pertinent to mention that for any exam, a government employee has to have near about three visits in relation to that exam. First he has to visit the centre of the exam, then he has to collect the material, then on the day of the exam he has to go there to pay his duty. So in these three visits, he spends near about seven to eight hundred rupees from the fare to the food necessities. So the remuneration is paid for that. But now a days, he or she is not getting remuneration for this. It is a matter of concern that if in district Jammu, the Government employees mostly teachers, they are getting remuneration then how it is in Samba district they are not getting the same. On the conditions of anonymity some teachers told us that the concerned authorities who were conducting exams they have taken their account numbers but not a single Paisa has been credited in their accounts for the last one year. While in district Jammu the employees who are deputed for the same, they were duly paid (Remuneration @ 700 rupees per paper). It is an interesting thing that if the students who are giving exams, they were paying fees for fulfilling forms and the candidates who are applying for different posts, they were also paying the fees for filling forms, then the employees who are deputed by concerned authorities like SSB, why there are not being paid for duties for conducting exams. How can different rules be applied for employees of different districts in JKUT. In the sense of natural justice akso it does not seen good that that the employees who are deputed there for duties they are not paid for the same. So it’s my request to District Samba administration that kindly take notice of this & take necessary measures in this regard and so that the natural justice prevail and the teachers will get their due remuneration for different type of exams.