You Tube series of ‘KANOONI CHARCHA’ of Retd Distt & Session Judge & Member Public Service Commission Mr Subash Gupta: Stay order-Temporary/Interim Injunction-Order-39 Rules 1,2,3&4 of Civil Procedure

Conversation with Judge Subash Gupta by MS Alisha Kohli Advocate-Topic – Stay Order -Temporary/Interim Injunction -Order-39 Rules 1,2,3&4 of Code of Civil Procedure -Caveat-148 -A of Code of Civil Procedure -Suits against Government -Section-80 of Code of Civil procedure -Dispensation of prior notice under section 80 Code of Civil Procedure in cases of emergent nature-However-No Interim Injunction/ stay Order against government with out prior notice/ giving of opportunity of hearing to Government.