Blinkers installation near the railway under pass near Nanak chak Samba: A much awaited step in the right direction

Indeed in a very good step district administration Samba long with National Highway Authority of India has installed blinkers under the railway pass near Nanak chak Samba to have the commuters a safe journey on the national highway NH44. It is pertinent to mention that this Railway underpass which has only one tube and the other tube is under construction from quite a long time, is a hub of accidents and so many precious lives have lost. As this place due to only one tube, the traffic from both sides of the National Highway has only one path and that is also very congested & have a turn for the vehicles coming from Jammu side, causes a lot of accidents in recent past. Recently two youths of Samba one of which is married only two days back and one of his friend, both came under the sway of a truck trailer which is coming from Pathankot side They tried very hard to save them from this incident but unfortunately the both crushed under the truck trailer. As for the people who is coming from outside the state, the road is unfamiliar so the came in the speed as desired by the route and when they came at this spot which has only one congested road and which is full of traffic because this is the only way for the traffic of coming from Jammu as well as Pathankot so there is very much possibility of having the accident at this point. Now this blinkers will help the passengers to be cautious and they decrease their speed and will have a safer journey. So kudos to the district administration Samba for this step as it will help in the saving of so many precious lives which due to unfamiliar road may lost.

But this is not enough, district administration Samba must compel the national highway authority of India to complete the other tube of the National Highway 44 at the earliest so that smooth traffic conditions should be there for the for saving the time and life of the commuters.