Historic Admission: Pakistan Declares PoK a Foreign Territory

In a landmark declaration, the Government of Pakistan has officially admitted before the Islamabad High Court that Pakistan-occupied Jammu & Kashmir (PoK) is considered a foreign territory. This unprecedented admission marks a significant shift in Pakistan’s stance, openly acknowledging its control over PoK through the military and intelligence agencies, specifically the Pakistan Army and the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).The statement was made during a court hearing, prompting widespread reactions from various political and social quarters. Senior Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir elaborated on the implications of this admission, describing it as a clear acknowledgment of Pakistan’s de facto governance over a region it has long claimed as its own.This development could have far-reaching consequences for the regional dynamics in South Asia, potentially influencing the geopolitical discourse surrounding the Kashmir conflict. The acknowledgment by Pakistan could be seen as a tacit acceptance of the disputed nature of the territory, thereby impacting diplomatic negotiations and international perspectives on the Kashmir issue.For decades, both India and Pakistan have laid claim to the entire region of Jammu & Kashmir, resulting in multiple conflicts and ongoing tensions. This admission by Pakistan’s government adds a new dimension to the complex narrative, potentially paving the way for new dialogues and resolutions in the long-standing dispute.