Kanooni Charcha #RPWDAct2016: The Rights of persons with Disabilities

Kanooni charcha by Judge Subash Gupta /Former Member Public Service Commission J& K with Sh Rahul Sambyal Chief Editor Samba Times & Chief of NGO Youths for Society on topic -#United Nation adopted Convention The Rights of persons with Disabilities -#India ratified in year 2007 -led to replacing of earlier Act of 1995 With #The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act 2016-Held entitled to all fundamental Rights as enshrined in #Articles 14,15,19,&21 of Constitution of India -In detail delved upon provisions of new Act -Increase in number of types of disabilities from seven to twenty one -#Acid Attack, Blood related & some other suffering/ disabilities included in new Act -Welfare schemes & empowerment provisions were introduced -Provisions made for Issuance of #Disability certificate & #Identity Cards Central & State welfare Boards are to be constituted besides provisions for arranging of funds at central & state level are made Punishment for #Offences against the persons with disabilities are made more stringent #article #legal #judicialreform #news