Major Forest Fire Ravages Reasi District in Jammu and Kashmir


Reasi, Jammu and Kashmir – June 9, 2024: A devastating forest fire has erupted in the forest belt of Reasi district in Jammu and Kashmir, leading to significant destruction of trees and other forest materials. The blaze, which started earlier today, has rapidly spread due to dry conditions and strong winds.

Local authorities and firefighting teams are currently on the scene, battling the flames in an effort to contain the fire and prevent further damage. The dense forest area and challenging terrain are making firefighting efforts difficult.

“The fire has already caused extensive damage to the forest cover, destroying numerous trees and valuable forest resources,” a forest department official reported. “Efforts are being intensified to bring the fire under control and to protect nearby villages and wildlife.”

The cause of the fire is not yet known, and an investigation is underway to determine the origin. In the meantime, residents in nearby areas are being advised to remain alert and follow instructions from local authorities.

As firefighting operations continue, the extent of the damage and potential impact on the local ecosystem and communities remain a concern. Further updates will follow as the situation develops.

Source DD News

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