Narendra Modi to Lead New NDA Government for Third Term


New Delhi, India – June 6, 2024: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been formally named by the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) to lead a new coalition government for a third term. The announcement followed a pitched victory in the recent general elections, but solidifying Modi’s leadership and the NDA’s position in Indian politics.

The swearing-in ceremony for the new government is anticipated to take place as soon as this weekend, marking the beginning of Modi’s third consecutive term as Prime Minister. This development underscores the continued confidence and support Modi enjoys within his party and among the Indian electorate.PM Modi invites King of Bhutan, Sri Lankan President, PMs of Bangladesh, Nepal & Mauritius for his swearing-in ceremony.

Modi’s previous terms have been characterized by significant economic reforms, infrastructural development, and a strong emphasis on national security. As he embarks on his third term, expectations are high for further advancements and initiatives aimed at bolstering India’s growth and global standing.

The forthcoming government formation is expected to include key figures from the NDA, ensuring continuity and stability in governance. The NDA’s comprehensive win reflects the electorate’s endorsement of Modi’s vision and policies, setting the stage for another five years under his leadership.

As the nation awaits the formal swearing-in ceremony, preparations are underway in New Delhi, with dignitaries and leaders from across the country and abroad expected to attend the event. The ceremony will be a significant moment in India’s political landscape, marking a new chapter in the Modi era.

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