Shooting incident in Bishnah: Cousin brother arrested

Tensions soared in Bassi village, Jammu district, when an altercation between two cousins escalated into a shooting, injuring one, according to officials. The Bishnah Police Station quickly intervened, arresting both involved. Witnesses report that the victim, yet to be identified, was returning home from his shop in the afternoon when his cousin allegedly shot him in the shoulder. The motive remains unknown but unconfirmed resources says that that there is land dispute between the parties. Residents, alarmed by the gunfire, alerted authorities. Police secured the scene and took the cousins into custody for further investigation. The injured man was taken to a nearby medical facility, where he is in stable condition. Authorities have launched a comprehensive investigation to uncover the circumstances leading to this family dispute turning violent. They are questioning witnesses and conducting a forensic examination of the scene to gather evidence. The Bishnah Police Station has committed to ensuring that justice is served.As the investigation progresses, Bassi village residents are reeling in shock and calling for swift action to prevent further violence. Authorities have assured the community that all necessary measures will be taken to maintain law and order. More details awaited.