Union Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh Secures Historic 3rd Term in PMO


New Delhi: Union Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh has made history by securing a third consecutive term in the all-powerful Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), marking a significant milestone in the annals of independent India. In addition to his continued role in the PMO, Dr. Singh will retain six other ministerial portfolios he previously held, further consolidating his influential position within the government.

This unprecedented achievement underscores Dr. Singh’s sustained importance and effectiveness in the central administration, reflecting the trust and confidence placed in him by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. His continued presence in the PMO and the retention of multiple ministries highlight his integral role in shaping and implementing key governmental policies and initiatives.

It is pertinent to mention that doctor Jitendra Singh has defeated Congress candidate Choudhary Lal Singh in the recent loksabha elections & make his berth inbthe parliament for the 3rd time.

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